I’m a transplanted Californian with deep Midwestern roots. I am a first-class introspective navel gazer with a penchant for anxious long-range worrying. I’m working on stopping this.

I grew up as the eldest of six amazingly accomplished baby boomer sisters. I have a husband of twenty seven years and two young adult sons.

I have a passion for sailing on big boats in stormy seas. I exercise my mind and my body because I believe in “use it or lose it.” I’m a voracious reader and writer who is also sometime artist, yogi and classical guitar and ukelele player.

I stared out as a tech writer in my native Detroit and became a management consultant and writer of business “stories.”  Now I’m more inclined towards prose and poetry.

I’m certified as an Integral Life Coach, which means I’m fascinated by philosophy, spiritual practices, and human nature.

In SmileLines I write about common themes and experiences in the lives of mature men and women. Life changes daily; sometimes the best we can do is smile.